Fee Disclosure

KFG receives its compensation in the following ways:


KFG offers portfolios through PCS Advisors on a 'fee for service' basis specifically designed with your need, wants, risk mitigation/tolerance and outcome in mind. PCS Advisors' partnership with KFG places the firm at the forefront in providing you with a written Invesment Policy Statement, transparency, and in keeping with the spirit of a "Fiduciary Standard".


KFG has an extensive range of quality products and services from which to choose to help you implement your plan. We receive a percentage of the sales charges directly from the various product manufacturers selected by you. We always disclose to you the charges and management fees.

Hourly Fee Arrangements
A unique aspect of dealing with individuals associated with KFG is their willingness to fully disclose to you pertinent information you can use in determining not only their qualifications, but most important, the work to be done and the fees associated with estate and financial planning services.

Estate and financial planning services are billed at hourly rates. KFG associates do everything possible for client to reduce billable time spent for clients. Our level of experience will help keep billable time to a minimum.

As you and KFG work together to create and implement your financial plans, we build a strong, personal relationship that gives you clarity and the feeling that you're making progress toward your personal financial goals. Providing you with peace of mind is KFG's foremost responsibility.

An engagement letter and disclosure statement provides you the safety and security of knowing what we will be doing for you and the fees for our services. This disclosure is required by law as it relates to Registered Investment Adviser activities.  KFG is happy to disclose this information with our clients.

Product Vendor Compensation
A number of associates may be involved in the implementation of your estate or financial plan. Some are compensated strictly from an hourly fee, such as your CPA and attorney.  Other expenses you might expect are fees for assets under management with a trust company, or commissions to stock brokers or insurance agents.

Your KFG associate has the responsibility to help you determine the services you need.  No matter if it is accounting, legal, money management or insurance, KFG will endeavor to assist you in getting the best value for the services you require.

Some of these services are available to you by KFG associates. But you are free to implement your estate or financial plan with whomever you choose. If you choose to work with a KFG associate, we will completely disclose all costs, sales charges and fees. And we'll provide you with a variety of alternatives and a cost comparison for you to review.

KFG associates offer clients the opportunity to implement their financial plans through the products and services of a variety of trust companies, money management firms and insurance companies. The list includes such well-known firms as Fidelity, Franklin/Templeton and American Funds.