What We Do

KFG is a full-service firm.  We believe our Advisors can help with your quest to make your aspiriations financial security a reality.  KFG Advisorss offer a wide array of integrated financial solutions for clients, including:

  • comprehensive financial planning
  • single financial matter recommendations
  • investment advisory services
  • investment policy statements
  • asset allocation strategies
  • current asset holding review
  • estate and gift tax planning
  • retirement planning
  • educational and college planning
  • income tax planning and tax strategies
  • insurance needs and product assessments (life insurance, long-term care, disability)
  • corporate benefits plan review and design
  • risk management
  • financial plan implementation

KFG Advisors can help you:

Improve Your Cash Flow – Recommending how to make the most your money. We help identify ways to increase your cash flow: sometimes as a result of reducing taxes, improving your investment returns or eliminating inappropriate insurance expenditures.

Improve Your Rate of Saving & Return on Investments – Putting you in touch with some of the nation's top money managers. We provide investment performance evaluation and asset allocation analysis. We help you develop an investment strategy that fits your unique needs and wants.

Reduce Income & Estate Taxation – Guiding you in the efficient transfer of your assets to your family or favorite charities with emphasis on reducing estate taxes. Our estate planning process could include our suggestions on ways to help reduce taxes, legal fees and strategies to protect your assets now and in the future. We can also assist in strategies to reduce your income taxes.

Determine Appropriate Insurance Coverage – Providing you with an extensive insurance review and implement recommendations based on your personal goals and objectives. This includes life, disability insurance and corporate fringe benefits. We guide you to your 'true needs' for insurance. Additionally, we can recommend appropriate insurance vehicles and amounts to protect you and the assets you have accumulated.